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Preventing the leakage of personal data and maintaining the integrity of the device

Taiga mobile security will block the launch of a dangerous application and warn you about the threat.

The leakage of personal data, the compromise of passwords from social networks, mobile banking, mail, stealing bank PIN-codes for confirmation, reading personal correspondence and hidden collection of personalized statistics are just a few of the problems that can be faced by installing a dangerous application on your device.

Taiga mobile security

TAIGA MOBILE SECURITY will identify existing threats and tell you how to protect yourself and protect your personal information.

Perhaps you want to additionally protect some applications: social. networks, mobile banks, mail, messenger. Taiga mobile security allows you to set a password for opening individual applications, as well as hide the icon of the selected application from the desktop.

Your smartphone is working slower and you have a lack of storage space? In this case, we recommend you to use Cleaner for apps and files. TMS will find and delete unused files, cache, apps data, and will clean device memory (RAM), so your device could work faster.

For even more reliable protection of your personal files you can use T-storage. It will hide your photos and documents from other applications. Only you can access them after entering a password. Backup of T-storage allows you to save important data and recover all information if the device is lost, stolen or damaged.