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Keep calm
and write notes

Notes by Taiga System

Handy and nice notepad, that will save all your thoughts, business, reminders and ideas. Create notes, add audio and photos to them, create lists, share your notes with friends. 


The app is easy to use and contains all necessary functions:

Create text notes nice and easy. Add categories to the notes for easier search and sorting.

Create audio in your notes. You can record unlimited number of audio messages to the notes, and also listen or delete the audio file at any time.

Don't forget anything! Just take a photo of what you need to remember, and add the photo to a note.

Protect your notes! Set a password for current notes categories or for the whole application.

Create and add tasks with one touch. Simple management and all the necessary functionality in the body of the notes.

Synchronize notes with calendar, set up notifications, and you'll never forget about important things.