This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) shall be made between You personally (if you execute this Agreement on your own behalf) or between the legal entity in favor of which you are acting (hereinafter referred to as the User) and «TAIGA SYSTEM», LLC, a legal entity duly registered in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation and holding the exclusive rights (hereinafter referred to as the Rights Holder) to «Taiga Mobile Security», «Taiga AntiTheft» and «Taiga Notes» applications (hereinafter referred to as «Applications»), hereinafter jointly referred to as the Parties and separately as the Party.

The User shall unconditionally accept the terms of this Agreement in full scope as soon as the System utilization is started. In case of dissent with this Agreement in its entirety as well as in case of non-agreement with any particular clause of this Agreement, the User shall not be entitled to use the System.


  • Using of the Personal Account requires registration. The following data shall be specified during registration: token of Google, VK or Facebook account (at User’s consideration).
  • In the course of use of the Personal Account, data on technical characteristics of equipment and software utilized by the User shall be collected in automated non-personal manner. Such data may include IP address, cookie file data, operating system version, browser type, data and time of access to the Personal Account, duration of login session, supplier of Internet access, page from which the transfer was made, and other similar information.
  • The User must ensure the confidentiality of information which is used to perform identification and authentication in the System and shall not disclose it to third parties. Any action performed from the User’s Personal Account using the User’s login and password data shall be deemed the action performed by the User.
  • The User must immediately change the identification and authentication data in case the User has a reason to believe that this data has been compromised, may be used by any unauthorized third parties, or upon the Rights Holder’s request.
  • The Rights Holder shall be entitled to use available technical solutions to verify the accuracy of information submitted by the User in the course of the System utilization.
  • The Rights Holder may use all available technical solutions to check validity of information provided by User during System utilization.
  • The Rights Holder may block the User’s access to the Personal Account.


In the course of our application utilization, in order to ensure the high quality of our services we may collect, store, and use the following information:

To ensure «Antitheft» functionality:

  • identification data of the device (Android ID, MAC-address) — for identification of the device in the System;
  • access to the camera — to obtain the photo of the criminal in case of device theft or hacking attempt;
  • complete device administration — to block the device in case of its loss, change the current password if the User believes the phone has been compromised;
  • reset to the manufacturer settings — in case the personal data on the device is highly valuable;
  • access to the external storage — to remove the data (photos, screenshots, music files, temporary program data, accepted/downloaded files) from the device after the User’s confirmation in case of device loss;
  • display of messages — to inform the person who found the device;
  • location identification — to identify the device coordinates.


In the course of our application utilization, in order to ensure the high quality of our services we may collect, store, and use the following information:

To ensure «Application Analysis» functionality:

  • obtaining the list of installed applications – to determine whether the requested permits are allowed;
  • access to applications statistics — to close the malicious application after User's confirmation and to notify the User about launching a malicious application.

To ensure «Backup» functionality:

  • access to photo, multimedia and files – to backup photo, video, audio files and documents.

To ensure «Files and applications cleaner» functionality:

  • access to device storage – to find large unused files.

To ensure «T-storage» functionality:

  • access to device storage – to find vulnurable files and their protection.


In the course of our application utilization, in order to ensure the high quality of our services we may collect, store, and use the following information:

  • access to microphone — to attach audio to the note.


We may use the collected data to:

  • send the service messages to the device;
  • assess the efficiency and improvement of advertising and other marketing and advertising activities in connection with our services;
  • identify possible causes of emergency application shutdown;
  • improve the quality of delivered services.


Upon the User’s consent, the Rights Holder my send the following notifications:

  • information on recent developments and updates of the web resource, special offers, news, new solutions, upcoming events, programs, and other new services delivered by the Rights Holder;
  • invitations to participate in the review of products, services or programs;
  • service e-mails to notify about suspension of System operation, malfunctioning or return of products, password reminder messages;
  • other data in accordance with the user settings.


In the course of registration, the Rights Holder shall grant options related to the information collection, utilization, and submission. Additionally, the User may terminate sending of any messages from the Rights Holder, including the news feeds, special offers and updates, at any time by terminating the subscription. Each e-mail sent to the User shall include the instructions on how to unsubscribe from such e-mails. In case of User data change (e.g., phone number, e-mail address) and in case the User wishes to stop using the company products or services, the Rights Holder shall grant an opportunity to change and delete/deactivate the data.


  • The Rights Holder shall ensure the confidentiality of the User’s data.
  • The Rights Holder must not transfer, sell or otherwise submit the User’s data or the list of e-mails and postal addresses of its clients to any third party for advertising distribution.
  • The Rights Holder is entitled to disclose the User data if such disclosure is performed in the framework of legal proceedings or is required in accordance with the effective law of the Russian Federation.
  • The Rights Holder is not responsible for correct device identification in the System after factory reset or possible changes of identification data of the device.


The Rights Holder shall take the organizational and technical actions as required and sufficient for protection of the User data. The company shall use the entire set of security technologies and procedures which enable protection of the User data from unauthorized access, utilization, and disclosure.

If you have any questions in connection with this Agreement, please use the contact details described below.


This Agreement may be amended from time to time. If the Rights Holder plans to introduce any significant change into the Agreement or the procedures of User data utilization which impacts the principles of User information utilization, the Rights Holder shall inform the User about such changes prior to their introduction.